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Our Story

DEC DATA is the parent company of Canada Bereavement Registry and Canada Deceased List, two entities created in 2015 out of the need to cleanse the direct marketing industry of data belonging to the deceased. Canada Bereavement Registry is a free, national consumer service used by the funeral home industry, estate executors and the public providing an important aftercare service to the bereaved. The data received is compiled into the Canada Deceased List and supplied to organisations that market to the public to keep their databases clean and up to date through data suppression. In 2020, we released a proprietary software system called ObitScan, which scans the internet to find information on the deceased. This system provides a larger scale, broader list to help companies in different sectors with their deceased identification needs. We are a continually evolving company expanding as our diverse clients' needs grow.

Who We Are

DEC DATA is the only specialised deceased data supplier in Canada. Our entire business revolves around the curation of continually growing lists of information regarding the deceased in Canada. Our data is highly accurate and captures most of the deaths occurring in Canada every day from a variety of reliable sources including Canada Bereavement Registry and our proprietary software ObitScan. We offer flexible, custom solutions to suit businesses of any size, and meet the individual needs of any type of organisation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help businesses, the environment and the bereaved by providing the highest quality deceased data in Canada.  One of our goals is to reduce the carbon footprint of millions of pieces of unwanted mail by the use of our deceased data nationwide.  We also aim to support the bereaved by preventing upsetting mail addressed to their deceased loved ones and by helping them find and expedite the initiation of life insurance policies and pensions. Lastly, we want to help businesses of all kinds by identifying the deceased which can help to lower marketing and operation costs, protect brand integrity, and lead to faster account closure. We position ourselves as an ethical technology company and plan to continually evolve based on public as well as industry needs and to remain the best supplier of accurate deceased data in Canada.

What We Offer


Deceased Suppression

The data supplied by our Canada Bereavement Registry includes the name, address, date of birth and death of the deceased.  Profit and not for profit organisations can use the information from this list to remove the deceased from their marketing databases.  This helps to save costs by increasing ROI on marketing campaigns, protect brand integrity by not offending the bereaved with unwanted mail, and promote environmental responsibility by reducing unwanted paper mail.

Deceased Identification

Life insurers and pension companies need to identify the deceased quickly and efficiently.  Our ObitScan list of Canadian deceased allows these industries to do just that. With this list, companies can keep up to date with clients existence and avoid proof of life correspondence, facilitate faster account closure, avoid overpayments, identify unclaimed policies/pensions, and protect their reputation by complying with regulatory standards.

Custom Solutions

DEC DATA offers many custom solutions to our clients.  We will do anything within our capabilities to tailor our services to meet your needs. 

Flexible Data

DEC DATA offers many in house services using your data in combination with ours, and also offers subscription based options where you receive our data and use it within your own company.

ESG Support

By using DEC DATA, you can help to meet environmental goals by reducing the amount of waste generated by the production, delivery and disposal of unwanted paper mail.  You can also help meet social goals by showing care about your community and clients by not offending them through upsetting unwanted mail, or proof of life correspondence.  Lastly, promote corporate responsibility by keeping your customer and client databases up to date.

Why Us


Industry Specialists

DEC DATA is Canada's only specialist provider of deceased data.  It's all we do.  With this unique focus, we are experts at collecting and curating deceased data nationally.  We can ensure that your organisation is getting the most accurate, immediate, and highest volume of deceased data available on the market.

High Quality Data

DEC DATA sources its data from two very reliable sources.  The first is Canada Bereavement Registry which collects data directly from funeral homes, estate executors and the public providing highly accurate and timely information on the deceased. The second is our proprietary software ObitScan that has been carefully designed to take the most current and relevant details of the deceased in Canada from the internet.  Our software is constantly updated and developed to serve you better.  As a result of our high quality data, we have strong client satisfaction and retention.  

Accommodating Client Variability

At DEC DATA we serve clients of all sizes in a variety of industries including insurance, banking, telecom, direct marketing and not-for-profit.  We also have the ability to generate personalized services by accommodating the specific requests and preferences of your organisation.  As your needs evolve and change, so do the solutions we offer to you.

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